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Ladies Triples Competition 2023
(3 woods per player, 18 ends)

In each team, the first named is the Lead, the second named is the No.2, the third named is the Skip. Players may change position each round, but not during a match.

Semi Final - Play by 21st August

A - G.Luckhurst/K.Arding/J.Edwards Vs. J.Beamish/T.Tackley/M.Parkinson - Winner: JB/TT/MP

B - S.Bailey/M.Taylor/M.Chiu Vs. J.Dieppe/L.Dadley/C.Fellowes - Winner: SB/MT/MC

Final - 2nor 3rd September

J.Beamish/T.Tackley/M.Parkinson Vs. S.Bailey/M.Taylor/M.Chiu -

Champions: J.Beamish/T.Tackley/M.Parkinson

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