Gents Triples Competition
(3 woods per player, 18 ends)

In each team, the first named is the Skip, the second named is the No.2, the third named is the Lead.

Preliminary Round - Play by 11th July

A - J.Peacock/D.Griffin/J.Gregory Vs. D.van Beesten/P.Dieppe/P.Rogers - Winner: JP/DG/JG

B - R.Rapley/T.Wright/E.Mayers Vs. F.Parkinson/R.Pontet/R.Dadley - Winner: FP/RP/RD

C - R.Spencer/M.Parnell/R.Edwards Vs. M.Hiley/K.Cheshire/C.O'Toole - Winner: MH/KC/CO'T

Semi Final - Play by 22nd August

D - J.Peacock/D.Griffin/J.Gregory Vs. F.Parkinson/R.Pontet/R.Dadley - Winner: FP/RP/RD

E - M.Hiley/K.Cheshire/C.O'Toole Vs. M.Fraser/R.Clarke/A.Wild - Winner: MF/RC/AW

Final - 11th or 12th September

F.Parkinson/R.Pontet/R.Dadley Vs. M.Fraser/R.Clarke/A.Wild -

Champions: M.Fraser/R.Clarke/A.Wild