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Gents Benevolent Triples Play-off 2024
(3 woods, 18 ends)

Semi Final - Play by 2nd August

A - C.O'Toole/C.Thrower/F.Cunnington Vs. T.Wright/M.Lewis/D.Darvall - Winner: CO'T/CT/FC

B - M.Hiley/P.Heyes/R.Spencer Vs. M.Fraser/K.Hawkins/D.van Beesten - Winner: 

Final - Play by 13th September

C.O'Toole/C.Thrower/F.Cunnington Vs. Winner B -



1. M.Hiley/P.Heyes/R.Spencer

2. C.O'Toole/C.Thrower/F.Cunnington

3. T.Wright/M.Lewis/D.Darvall

4. M.Fraser/K.Hawkins/D.van Beesten

Draw (done by Lynne Dadley)

2 plays 3

1 plays 4



Matches are 2 trial ends + 18 ends.
Toss for mat.

Players may change positions between matches, but not during a match.
If teams are tied on shots after 18 ends an additional end will be played. The winner of the additional end shall win the match. Toss for mat on the additional end.

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